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January 19, 2013

Notification Weather Pro Apk v0.7.2

Latest Notification Weather Pro v0.7.2 Android Apps
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: A stylish application which displays the current weather conditions and a 4 day forecast in the Android notification shade.

Notification Weather Pro Apk v0.7.2

Notification Weather Pro Apk Free version features:
Refresh button in notification (no need to open settings)
Progress bar in notification
No notification icon
Transparent notification icon
Swipe notification to dismiss
12/24 hour switch

Options include:
Weather Provider
Manual or GPS location
Metric or imperial units
Update interval
Optional 4-day forecast

Note to users not seeing the 4-day forecast: 4 day forecast is only shown in the expanded state. if the notification is collapsed or if it's not the top most notification you will have to use the 1 finger/ 2 finger gesture to expand the notification and see the 4 day forecast.

Note to users experiencing errors with auto detect location:
To fix this error please open maps and wait until the notification changes from 'Searching for GPS' to 'Location set by GPS'. This can sometimes take up to 5 minutes. A better fix is coming soon.

Support for other languages coming soon. Please send us an email if you would like to help

What's new in Notification Weather Pro Apk Download full version:
V 0.7
- Launch your app of choice by tapping the notification.
- Decouple units: now you can choose wind units and temperature units independently.
- added m/s wind speed
- reduced time-out to 4.8s to avoid ANRs
- Support for Hungarian. Updated Hebrew and Slovenian

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