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January 21, 2013

Tile Launcher Beta Apk v0.81

Download Tile Launcher Beta v0.81 Android Apps
Requirements: 4.0 and updated
Overview: Smooth, multidirectional, widget-compatible tile-based launcher for Android 4.0+.

Tile Launcher Beta Apk v0.81

Please keep in mind this is a BETA release!
Features Tile Launcher Beta .Apk Hack
Based on stock Jellybean 4.2 Launcher
Optimized scrolling
Horizontal and vertical scrolling
Tabbed screens
Completely customize any tile and defaults for new tiles
Shortcut/widget settings - title, text color, background color, images, transparency
Desktop settings, change rows/columns, gap size
Lock/unlock layout
Wallpaper scrolling options
Multiple screen - Work in progress - Long click drawer to switch layouts

What's new in Tile Launcher Beta Apk Free Download version:
Wipe data or uninstall is recommended if coming from versions before 0.57.
0.81 beta
Orientation defaults to auto-rotate
Display Tile Launcher icon in launchers
Bugfixes, many more coming
French translations (thanks alois)
0.80 beta
Vertical scrolling option added
Tabs added for multiple layouts
Hide launchbar (drawer + tabs) option added for single screen layouts
Add widget FC fixed
Some other stuff

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