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February 24, 2013

Night Filter Apk v1.0.3

The latest released Night Filter v1.0.3 Android APps
Requirements: 2.2+ updated iOS version
Overview: Night Filter Apk Free Download is an easy to use screen filter application for your Android phone or tablet. Night Filter free Android Unlocked makes it easy for you to dim your screen, adjust your color tint, and more! Use it to read at night with less eye strain and correct for an excessive screen tint.

Night Filter Apk v1.0.3

Night Filter full .Apk Hack
★ Adjust the filter from light to very strong.
★ Adjust the screen tint by choosing from several color presets; you can also adjust the colors directly by adjusting the red, green, and blue colors, or also by adjusting the hue, saturation, and intensity.
★ Override your screen brightness.*
★ Toggle filtering on the status bar.
★ Schedule the filter to start & stop at a specific time.
★ Add a toggle widget to your home screen.

* If it doesn't work, try turning off "auto brightness" from your settings. The "Override screen brightness" feature may also cause your screen to turn off and/or the lockscreen to activate if the setting is too low.

What's new in Free Night Filter Apk:
- Added support for turning the softkey backlight off, on supported devices.
- Added a scheduler for turning the filter on & off at regular times.

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