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February 11, 2013

Trinity Kernel Toolbox Apk v1.9.20

Trinity Kernel Toolbox v1.9.20 Download Android
Requirements: Android 4.0 and updated iOS version
Overview: Take control of the power within Trinity kernels.Apk Free
The Trinity Kernel Toolbox Full unlocked aims at augmenting the Trinity Kernel experience.

Trinity Kernel Toolbox Apk v1.9.20

Supported: Rooted Galaxy Nexus (VZW/GSM/SPRINT) / Nexus S / Nexus S 4G

(A kernel supporting these features is required.)

The app supports the following:
- Adjusting of CPU Min/Max Frequencies
- Selecting of CPU Governor
- Selecting of I/O Scheduler
- Adjusting of Max Screen Off Frequency (Galaxy Nexus only)

- Adjusting of all CPU Voltages
- Sound control: High Performance toggle + Volume boost (Galaxy Nexus only)
- Color control (Galaxy Nexus Only)
- Contrast control (Galaxy Nexus Only)
- Adjusting of Vibration Strength (Galaxy Nexus only)
- Adjusting of VM parameters
- USB Fast Charge Toggle (with plug check)
- Thermal Throttle Toggle (Galaxy Nexus only)
- Smart Reflex Autocomp Toggles (Galaxy Nexus only)
- Wifi PM Toggle (Steadier stream or better battery) (GN only)
- Menu with utility functions to make common tasks easier.
- Reboot Widgets to access common options from Homescreen
- CPU Temperature Widget (Galaxy Nexus Only)
- Statusbar Temperature display on select widgets (GN only)

- Restores trivial settings on boot
- Frequency/Voltage settings restored on boot if chosen

- Optimizes system independent from init.d (Great for stock roms)

- Localized for Korean, German, Italian (ROM must support languages)

It further provides easy in app access to, however, this is not a kernel Updater, It's a collection of tools to allow tweaking the kernel parameters to fit one's needs.

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What's new in Free Trinity Kernel Toolbox Apk:
Fix FC on all devices but Note2 T889

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