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March 31, 2013

Logo Me Apk v1.14

Check out this newly released Logo Me Apk v1.14 Android Apps
Requirements: Android 4.0+ updated iOS
Overview: APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents Logo Me.
With the Logo Me Apk Free Download application you can conveniently change your device's bootlogo (not bootanimation) to a custom image with just a few simple clicks.

Logo Me Apk v1.14

You can secure your custom logo with a numeric lock code (up to 9 digits). Changing or restoring the logo will only be possible after the lock code has been entered. This will allow you to tag your device by including your name and contact info on your custom bootlogo. In case your device gets stolen the thief will be having a hard time selling it. Also if you lose your device the finder will know how to contact you.

This application onlys work with the Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro), Verizon (toro) and Sprint (toroplus).

**** IMPORTANT ****
Some custom ROMs come with a broken version of su and/or busybox. If you experience any problems with the app, before reporting the issue first try to fix it by installing Stericson's busybox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... on.busybox) and SuperSU (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... re.supersu) and then updating the su binary in the SuperSU app.

The app uses the build properties to identify the device. If you mess with the properties the device detection will fail and the app will return the error that your device is not compatible.

Use this application at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this app.

You can also get this app on Android Pit which accepts Paypal and other payment options: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/ma ... me/Logo-Me

What's new in Free Logo Me Apk Hack Android:
* Apparently the bootloaders for the GSM/Verizon model also work on the Sprint model and vice versa. So support for all known bootloaders has been added for all hardware models of the Galaxy Nexus.

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