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March 23, 2013

Sefirah Apk v1.0

A released update Download Sefirah v1.0 for Android

Sefirah Apk v1.0

■ Game Introduction ■
An epic story based on a fantasy world with a thousand years of history.
War between empires, surrounding the mysterious crystal ore
“Aaron Isode,” the executed knight due to the conspiracy during the war,
must reveal the secrets of Sefirah and the mystery behind the sudden death of the knights.
Strong and enormous scenarios within three continents, diverse maps and stages!!
Breathtaking combat on large battlefields!
A new experience of RPG, the world of Sepirah will be enlightened for you.
■ Game Characteristics ■
■ Simple game mechanism :
Optimized for smartphone controlling system ‘Touch & Drag’
■ Various classes and mercenaries :
Mercenaries with strong characters and a variety of skills to experience in many battlefields
Various classes and numerous mercenary combinations are allowed for strategic play.
■ Splendid and dynamic graphics :
Bottomless deep cave, Wild sandstorms in desert, and Gust of snowstorm
Lively battle screen in a realistic background
■ Breathtaking combat on large battlefields :
Grand invasion of the darkness threatening the humans
Gigantic boss battles
Unexpected and spontaneous action combats are waiting for you.
■ Mercenaries with its own character and color :
Hire mercenaries to create your favorite combination of Aaron Isode followers
And save the world!
■ Supports Korean and English

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