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March 26, 2013

WeatherLand - City Apk v1.5

Check this newly released Version WeatherLand - City v1.5 Android App
Requirements: 2.3 and updated iOS full
Overview: WeatherLand - City Apk v1.5 full Download , is the first live wallpaper of WeatherLand series that implement live weather service.

WeatherLand - City Apk v1.5

With the advantage of 70.000 meteorological stations world wide , and more than 56 3-hours forecasts for a whole week, we can say that WeatherLand Apk Cracked - city live wallpaper is one of the best live weather applications for Android.
Simple , usefull, and with beautiful design.
Just tap the info sign and you already have 4 forecasts for the next 12 hours inside this live wallpaper. You want more? Just tap weather data and you have a full list with 3-hours forecasts for the next week.
You can also disable live weather service, and use it as a simple live wallpaper.
Fully customizable in both ways.

What's new in Free WeatherLand - City Apk:
What's new in V. 5 (1.4)
-- Weather service optimization less than half time to get forecasts.
-- Use of custom locations added. Now you can add as many locations you want!

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